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Postcards courtesy by and copyright of the respective featured institutions. Image file sizes are on average between 50k and 100k in size. Postcards were scanned at 96 dpi at 80% of their original size, saved to jpeg format, and compressed at 7% for quicker downloads.  

If you have a Salem postcard which should be included in this postcard tour, please let us know at  Net Atlantic is not affiliated with and does not necessarily endorse any attraction included in this postcard tour over any other Salem attraction. Salem is a great city, with lots of wonderful things to do, see and visit! You are welcome here in Salem.

Salem Web Site Links

The following are links to some of Salem's finest online

Salem Massachusetts IQ Test
Welcome to Salem
Salem Chamber of Commerce
Salem Office of Tourism
Salem Rotary Club
Peabody Essex Museum


Special Thanks to the following people and institutions:

Peabody Essex Museum
The Salem Witch Museum
Jim McAllister, Salem Historian
Mark Sexton, Photographer
Commonwealth Editions

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